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Autumn Window Display at the NYC Showroom

While we’re sad to say goodbye to the Samuel & Sons Beach Club, we’re welcoming the chill in the air with a warm and inviting autumn window display at our New York showroom. Another stunning creation by the talented team behind our windows and advertisements, the fall windows feature trimmings from two new collections: La Terre and Saisons.

Special thanks to our friends at Romo for providing fabrics for the autumn display.

Autumn Window Display - Samuel and Sons NY Showroom

On the Bench: La Terre Brush Fringe and Onion Tassel Fringe, Saisons Interlink and Faux Bois Borders with Tassel Tieback.
Beneath the Tray: La Terre Printed Border.


Samuel and Sons Fall Window

La Terre Single Tassel Tiebacks, Braid (pillow), Cut Fringe (ottoman), Key Tassels and Printed Border (pillows).


Samuel and Sons NYC

La Terre Single Tassel Tiebacks, Braid  and Onion Tassel Fringe (pillows), Cut Fringe (ottoman), Key Tassels and Printed Border (pillows).


Samuel and Sons Fall Collection

La Terre Single Tassel Tiebacks, Braid  and Onion Tassel Fringe (pillows), Cut Fringe (ottoman), Key Tassels and Printed Border (pillows).


Fall Window Display at Samuel and Sons New York

Pillows: La Terre Brush Fringe and Onion Tassel Fringe.
Saisons Interlink and Faux Bois Borders with Tassel Tieback.


Pillows featuring La Terre fringe from Samuel and Sons

La Terre Onion Tassel Fringe


Fall Window Display - Interlink Border

Saisons Interlink Border


Detail of Samuel and Sons NY Window Display

La Terre Onion Tassel Fringe, Saisons Faux Bois and Interlink BorderLa Terre Brush Fringe (pillow).


Detail Shot of La Terre Branch Border by Samuel and Sons

La Terre Branch Border


Custom Pillows with Samuel and Sons Trim

La Terre Brush Fringe and Cut Fringe.


Learn more about the borders, fringes, cords and tassels that we’ve featured in our autumn window display in our previous post introducing the Fall 2016 Collections.


London Design Festival 2016

The London Design Festival is less than a week away. This year, we will join 120 new exhibitors as we make our Decorex debut. Visitors can expect a beautifully crafted “library” showcasing an extensive display of passementerie.

“We’ve incorporated a nod to the Neo-Classical architecture of Syon House to recreate a library from a great House where someone from a Grand Tour would come to muse over their collection of exquisite treasures and antiquities.  A place of learning and researching, a place to study 100’s of collected samples and understand their beauty.”

We offer our sincerest thanks to our friends at The Odd Chair Company, Lewis & Wood, Amtico and Fontaine for their contributions to our display.


London Design Festival Decorex International

 In advance of our Decorex International debut, we’ve had the great honor to hear from renowned designer Nina Campbell and her thoughts on our trimmings, our showroom and our participation in Decorex 2016.


Make plans to pop by our showroom during the London Design Festival for FOCUS/16. Enjoy a glass of fizz, delicious canapes and look at our new La Terre, Le Soir and Saisons collections of trimmings and tiebacks.

Focus invite 2016


Fall Collections: La Terre, Le Soir & Saisons

We’re pleased to introduce three new collections for Fall 2016. La Terre, Le Soir and Saisons showcase an array of new construction techniques, fibers and patterns in the spirit and styling synonymous with Samuel & Sons. And in response to the popularity of our Swiss Velvet Piping, we’ve expanded the palette of our luxurious velvet cord to include seventeen additional colors.


An organically inspired collection, La Terre embodies purity and understated elegance in linen, jute and luxurious cottons.

La Terre Single Tassel Tieback by Samuel and Sons

La Terre Single Tassel Tieback

La Terre Collection by Samuel and Sons

From Top: La Terre Key Tassel, La Terre Printed Border, La Terre Cut Fringe

La Terre Applique Border

La Terre Applique Border

Custom Pillows featuring La Terre trim by Samuel and Sons

Front to Back: La Terre Ikat Border, La Terre Braid, La Terre Macrame Gimp, La Terre Brush Fringe 

La Terre Onion Tassel Fringe by Samuel and Sons

La Terre Onion Tassel Fringe



Also seen in the La Terre Printed Border, the technique used to create our Le Soir hand-printed silk borders is an industry first. Le Soir, meaning evening, draws inspiration from the moments between day and night when light renders a vista of color at the horizon. Le Soir is available in eight colors, from the subtle Mist to the vibrant Eventide.


Le Soir Hand-Printed Silk Border - Samuel and Sons (1)

Le Soir Ikat Border in Etoile and Eventide

Le Soir Ikat Border from Samuel and Sons

Le Soir Ikat Border in Celestial and Mist



Our latest collection of luxury performance trimmings explores complex constructions and multiple weaving techniques. Sophisticated yet durable, Saisons offers graphic and dimensional borders in varied widths in addition to classic twisted cords, a plush 1″ brush fringe, a key tassel and single tassel tieback colored in neutrals, mid-tones and brights. Saisons is woven in 100% Bella-Dura solution dyed polyolefin yarns, providing soil, mildew and UV resistance.

Saisons Performance Brush Fringe from Samuel and Sons

Saisons Brush Fringe and Saisons Cord with Tape

Saisons Faux Bois Border from Samuel and Sons

Pillows: Saisons Brush Fringe, Saisons Stripe Border, Saisons Cord with Tape
Seat Cushion: Saisons Faux Bois Border


Saisons Performance Trimmings by Samuel and Sons

From Top: Saisons Interlink Border, Saisons Brush Fringe, Saisons Diamond Border

Saisons Collection from Samuel and Sons

Pillows: Saisons Brush Fringe and Cord with Tape
Seat Cushion: Saisons Diamond Border
Saisons Tassel Tieback



In response to the popularity of our Swiss Velvet Piping collection, we’ve expanded our palette to offer seventeen fresh, new colors including Marigold, Plum, Kiwi, Emerald, Royal Blue and Olive.

Swiss Velvet Piping Custom Pillow from Samuel and Sons (2)


More photos of our fall collections and inspiring applications will be coming soon, so be sure follow Samuel & Sons on  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the coming weeks.


Semi Custom Program

Samuel and Sons Semi Custom Program

It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce a ground-breaking new program that has been years in the making. Our Semi Custom Program enables designers to create trimmings online, in real-time, using infinite color combinations in different fibers within a curated collection of patterns.

With a cross-section of 54 patterns composed of cords, borders, tassels, fringes and embellishments, designers will have access to unlimited color combinations from a broad selection of yarns, creating their own interpretations of patterns.

Semi Custom Trim Fiber Options

From left: Fibranne, Linen and Rayon.

Throughout the development of the Semi Custom Program, we’ve considered and addressed every possible concern, from product, price and minimums to delivery and color. We’ve anticipated your questions and expect that most will be answered in the list below followed by simple step-by-step instructions.

Semi Custom At A Glance

  • Choose from 54 patterns.
  • Each pattern is available in three fibers: Fibranne, Linen and Rayon.
  • Patterns include cords, borders, fringes, tassels and embellishments.
  • There is a $50 set-up charge per item.
  • Lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Pricing and delivery information is listed online.
  • The program is presented in two books, one containing all patterns and fibers, the other showing all colors available in each fiber. The books are not necessary to order, the entire process can be done online.
  • Pre-production Approval Forms will include a sample in the yarn fiber,  yarn reelings for each fiber in its exact color and a full-color rendering.
  • There is a two piece minimum on piece goods.
  • All orders must be paid in full up front, no returns.

Tassel Fringe by Samuel and Sons



Follow the steps below to create your own Semi Custom trim design.


Select a pattern and fiber.

Samuel and Sons Semi Custom

Select a yarn color per position.

Samuel and Sons Fringe Screenshot

Print a Tear Sheet and request a Pre-production Approval Form.

Samuel and Sons Semi Custom Fringe

Pricing and delivery information is listed online.

Once your design is complete, you may approve and submit your order online.


For questions, e-mail or call 212.704.8000.


Fall Introductions: Shangri-La Collection

Dreamlike destinations serve as inspiration for Roger Thomas, be it his design of interiors, jewelry, lighting, fabrics, wallcoverings, hardware, or in this instance, hand-beaded, embroidered silk and linen borders. In this, his third collection in collaboration with Samuel & Sons, he drew from the fictional paradise of Shangri-La.

Inspired by the places I love and by the sheer beauty of these techniques of artisanal craft and handwork, I began drawing the most romantic and timeless effects I could dream. These are the qualities I wanted to evoke in Shangri-La.

                                                                                          – Roger Thomas


Elements of his designs for Italian jewelry maker SICIS, crafted using an intricate mosaic technique, can be seen above in our Mandarin Cloud Beaded Border.


Roger Thomas for SICIS

The Nuvola Cuff Bracelet and Nuvola Necklace by Roger Thomas for SICIS.

Tableskirt and Cushions featuring Shangri-La Borders

China Cloud Embroidered Border trims the tableskirt and seat cushions.


Elysian Embroidered Border (on bench) and China Cloud Embroidered Border (on bed skirt).

Shangri-La Borders by Roger Thomas

China Cloud Embroidered Border 

The Shangri-La collection consists of five hand-beaded and embroidered silk and linen borders.
Explore the entire collection here and contact  your local showroom to request samples.

Shangri-La by Samuel and Sons



Fall Introductions: Épinglé Collection

Epingle Collection of Velvet Trimmings

Contemporary and classic all at once, the new Épinglé collection is a first in the trimming industry, a feat for our Director of Design, Marisa Gutmacher and a testament to her vision and dedication.

The development process would involve extensive quality and color trials and the exploration of multiple mills all in an effort to produce a superior épinglé—one with a finer denier and denser pile.

Épinglé is unique in that it combines both the loop and the cut pile in the same fabric to render a pattern, a technique that originated in medieval Italy. In the case of this collection, its construction enhances each design—Verdon being a perfect example. In the image seen below, notice how Marisa has treated the color distribution with different striéd yarns, and the loop bordering the cut velvet enhances the simplicity of the satin ground.

The five border designs are complemented by a Swiss Velvet Piping available in 18 colors. As you can see on the pillow pictured at the top of this post that has been finished with our Rhodes Épinglé Velvet Border in Raspberry, pairing the velvet cord with tape and the Épinglé border can give added dimension and definition to your designs.

Verdon Trim by Samuel and Sons

Verdon Épinglé Velvet Border

Samuel and Sons Epingle Velvet Trim Collection

The Épinglé Collection consists of five border designs and a velvet cord with tape.
Contact your local showroom for more information and to request samples

Epingle Fall 2015 Collection


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Spring Introductions: Palais Collection

Inspiration Image 17th Century France

Inspiration for the Palais Collection of Silk Trimmings

Years in the making, Palais honors the grandeur of Versailles and other chateaux of 17th century France. This exquisite collection of silk passementerie employs traditional documentary elements of various silk covered flowers, jasmine hangers, complex jacquard braids and luxurious hand-tied silk tassel fringes. Palais Collection by Samuel and Sons The sumptuous level of color in Palais is matched by its complexity and craftsmanship; the collection is comprised of 972 different color positions within 117 SKUs. Below is an example of how our Director of Design, Marisa Gutmacher, communicated color placement for each position per style, in this case the Scalloped Tassel Fringe.  Scallop Tassel Fringe by Samuel and Sons

In the studio, Marisa used watercolors to determine the balance and distribution of color placement as seen in the example below of the Silk Tieback with Jasmines.

Double Tassel Tieback Watercolor by Samuel and Sons The collection employs intricate elements, highly complex weave structures, and a mélange of deeply saturated hues built upon a foundation of 17th century documentary trimmings. You will notice multiple sizes of plaited cords on tape, a dimensional guipure coil jacquard border, lush scallop tassel fringe and cut fringe with hand crafted jasmines. Silk Tieback with Jasmines by Samuel and Sons

The leaves and petals on the Silk Tieback with Jasmines are individually wrapped with silk yarns, by hand. The jasmines, again constructed by hand, have flowers which are formed by outer guiperes and inner coils. There is a complex color rotation and intervals at which there are triple flower rosettes.

Double Tassel Tieback

The mold of the Double Tassel Tieback (above) is embellished with a crisscross of guipures and the skirt with hangers of tassels. The Silk Key Tassel (below) and Rosette mirror characteristics from both.

Palais Key Tassel Palais Collection by Samuel and Sons

Palais Silk Fringe with Jasmines

The Palais Collection consists of the 13 designs and 9 colorways. Contact your local showroom or Samuel & Sons representative to request samples.

Palais Silk Trimmings by Samuel and Sons

As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and visit our recently refreshed Inspiration Gallery to scroll through a vast collection of creative trim applications.


A Celebration of Spring Collections in our New York Showroom

2015 Spring Celebration

A Gathering of Friends in our New York Showroom

On Thursday, February 19th, designers and editors gathered in the New York Showroom for a celebration of our three new collections: Palais, Seychelles and Labyrinth.

Among our guests were representatives from the industry’s most prestigious publications, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Veranda, Interior Design, Town & Country, Luxe, Departures and Cottages & Gardens.

Marisa Gutmacher, our Director of Design, was on hand to greet guests and offer insight into what inspired the three collections.

Spring 2015 Event

Above at left, Marisa Gutmacher, Director of Design

Guests in the New York Showroom

Above at far left, Joseph Cohen, Chief Technology Officer, and at far right, Nicole Crawford, Marketing Director

Michael Cohen in the Samuel & Sons Showroom

Michael Cohen, President

Samuel & Sons New York Showroom

Director of Design Marisa Gutmacher

Marisa Gutmacher, Director of Design

We offer our sincerest thanks to all who joined us to toast the 2015 Spring Collections. For more information, download your copy of the Palais and Seychelles brochures, or contact your local showroom.

As always, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Spring Introductions: Seychelles Collection

Seychelles Spring 2015 CollectionFrom left: Wood Teardrop Fringe and Chevron Border in Twilight. Chevron Border and Wood Bead Fringe in Sand.

Our Director of Design, Marisa Gutmacher, looked to the Indian Ocean archipelago for inspiration when developing the palette, pattern and materials for the new Seychelles collection. The  wood bead fringes and borders display a patterning reminiscent of the sea. Imagine its undulating waves and the impressions left behind in the sand.


Seen below is a glimpse into the studio where Marisa focused her efforts on developing the opaque satin glazed beads used in both the Wood Teardrop Fringe and the Wood Bead Fringe.

“The glazed beads evoke a sleek uniformity, which adds to their versatility. The teardrop and globe fringes will work with many kinds of patterns, fibers and constructions. From dressy to casual, and with a diverse color palette, this collection will accentuate a variety of interiors.”

— Marisa Gutmacher, Director of Design

Seychelles ColorworkA behind-the-scenes look at the development of Seychelles.


 The palette is broad and ranges from naturally influenced neutrals and deep mineral hues to a series of brights derived from topical vegetation. The designs are woven of cotton, a material indigenous to the island chain.

The collection pairs well with textured cotton and linens, as well as transitional  and contemporary patterns. The satin glazed beads complement drier silks, like Dupioni, beautifully.Seychelles Spring 2015 Collection from Samuel and Sons

 Above: Shades are trimmed in the Wood Bead Fringe in Sand, pillows in the Wood Bead Fringe in Twilight and the ottoman features a layered application, pairing the Chevron Border with the Wood Teardrop Fringe, both in Twilight.Seychelles Collection Spring 2015 from Samuel and Sons

Above: The drapery is trimmed in the Wood Teardrop Fringe in Caribe and the pillow in the Wood Bead Fringe in Chartruese.

The collection consists of two wood bead fringes, a 1/2″ gimp and 2″ border.

Seychelles Spring 2015 Collection by Samuel and Sons

Seychelles Wood Teardrop Fringe, Seychelles Wood Bead Fringe, Seychelles Chevron Gimp, Seychelles Chevron Border

Find all three of our new Spring 2015 collections on display now at your local showroom.

All fabrics featured in this post are by Jim Thompson Fabrics.

Samuel and Sons Passementerie