Customizing Pillows with Borders, Fringes and Cords

One can liken the process of customizing pillows to approaching a blank canvas. Their simple shapes—be it square, bolster or boxed edge—await your vision in fabric and trim. The addition of a border, cord or fringe is what allows designers and workrooms to create and to craft one-of-kind designs made with an individual client and space in mind.


There are many paths to the perfect pillow or cushion depending on their role in the room. Some designs may begin with a distinctive textile, perhaps calling for a complementary cord or brush fringe. Sophisticated plains can provide a foundation for the pièce de résistance in a room when paired with an embroidered border or braid. No matter the complexity of your design, these bespoke details are undeniably what set your work apart from the rest and from anything ready-made.


Consider customizing pillows the opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Imagine layers; combining multiple trimmings side-by-side or atop one another. Even the addition of what may seem like a simple cord can incorporate unexpected patterns, fibers and textures—think leather, linen, metallics or a unique cord wrapped in a colorful ombré ribbon.

How will you set your next pillow apart from the rest? Will it be a pleated edge, fretwork created using French Grosgrain or perhaps a linen border, corners perfectly mitered.


The images below showcase the talents of our customers who’ve kindly shared their work. This post is but a preview of the more comprehensive collection you can find on our Custom Pillows & Cushions Pinterest board—make it your first stop for application inspiration as you embark on your next custom pillow project.

Custom Pillows by Ivy Pierce

Design by Ivy Pierce Interiors
Aurelia Brush Fringe


Custom pillow by Sarah Virginia Home using Samuel & Sons trim.

Design by Sarah Virginia Home
Skylar Border and Flanders Borders


Custom pillow designs by Gunter & Co. using Samuel & Sons trim.

Design by Gunter & Co Interiors
Toscana Leather Appliqué on Wool Border and Nubuck Piping


A collection of custom pillows by Riis Interiors in Oslo, Norway featuring Samuel & Sons fringe and borders.

Design by Riis Interiør
Fringe and borders from the Inca and Harbour collections.



A custom pillow trimmed with Samuel & Sons China Cloud Embroidered Border seen on a sofa at Ferrell Mittman in New York City.

China Cloud Embroidered Border by Roger Thomas on display at Ferrell Mittman in NYC


Custom pillows by Elizabeth Swift Design featuring Samuel & Sons trim.

Design by Elizabeth Swift Design
Printemps Chevron Border and Brush Fringe


Custom pillows by Stella Mannering & Co featuring brush fringe by Samuel & Sons.

Design by Stella Mannering & Company
Carolina Ombré Brush Fringe by Lori Weitzner


Interior design by Porter Design Company featuring the Ogee Embroidered Border from Samuel & Sons.

Design by Porter Design Company, photo by Marco Ricca
Ogee Embroidered Border


Interior design by Libby Lord featuring jumbo brush fringe by Samuel & Sons.

Design by Libby Lord
Positano Jumbo Brush Fringe



Custom pillows on a sofa using Samuel & Sons Greek Fret Embroidered Border

Design by Alyssa Colagiacomo Interiors, photo by Mark Olson Photography
Greek Fret Embroidered Border



Interior design by CLD Interiors featuring the Isa Embroidered Border by Samuel & Sons.

Design by CLD Interiors
Isa Embroidered Border


Inca Brush Fringe on custom pillows by Morgan Harrison Home.

Design by Morgan Harrison Home for the Hampton Designer Showhouse
Inca Brush Fringe


Palais Silk Galon on a custom pillow by Maggie Griffin Design.

Design by Maggie Griffin Design
Palais Silk Galon


Design by MA Allen Interiors, photo by Anna Routh
Greek Fret Embroidered Border



Design by Stefani Stein, photo by Dan Arnold
Sloane Striped Border


Design by VIVID Interior
Positano Jumbo Brush Fringe


Interior design by Ashley E. Lempka featuring Samuel & Sons brush fringe.

Design by Ashley E. Lempka
Aurelia Brush Fringe


Custom pillow by Lina Fritschy Interior Design featuring a sequin border by Samuel & Sons

Design by Linda Fritschy Interior Design
Astra Embroidered Border by Lori Weitzner and Céline Ombré Cord



Monckton and Molesworth Design

Design by Monckton & Molesworth London
Carolina Ombré Brush Fringe by Lori Weitzner


Onion Tassel Fringe by Samuel & Sons trims a custom pillow by designer Maggie Singer.

Design by Molly Singer Design
Kensington Onion Tassel Fringe


Custom Pillows by Riis Interiors featuring borders and braids by Samuel & Sons.

Design by Riis Interiør featuring our La Terre, Savanna and Artesania X collections.



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