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Oscar Inspiration

This year’s Oscar contenders have been personified in passementerie; translated in trim using iconic images as inspiration by the same brilliant team behind our memorable print advertisements.

They’ve captured the rugged terrain of The Revenant, the authentic spirit and color of  1950’s Brooklyn, The Martian’s desolate, otherworldly palette, and finally, the seductive tones and feminine allure of The Danish Girl.



Brooklyn Set Design

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures via

Oscar Inspiration | Brooklyn

From top, Le Jardin Silk Border, 2″ Allegro Pleated Border, Four Seasons Embroidered Border, Le Jardin Silk Border


The Revenant

The Revenant

Photo: Jack Fisk via

Oscar Inspiration | The Revenant

From left, 2″ Hand Embroidered Palm Border, Hammered Nailhead on 3/4″ Leather, Toscana Leather Tassel Tieback, Leather Appliqué on Wool Border.



The Martian

The Martian Set Design

Photo: Aidan Monoghan via

Oscar Inspiration | The Martian

From top, 2.5″ Filigree Belgian Lace, 1″ Sabine Border, Quadratic Appliqué Border.




The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl Set Design II

Photos: Focus Features via

The Danish Girl Set Design



Oscar Inspiration | The Danish Girl

From top, Normandy Silk Ornamental Fringe, Le Musée Silk Bow, Palais Silk Galon, Pearl Opaline Border, Carlyle Silk Satin Border.  

We hope you enjoyed our Oscar series as it unfolded throughout the weekend via Instagram.

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Samuel and Sons Passementerie