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Spring Introductions: Seychelles Collection

Seychelles Spring 2015 CollectionFrom left: Wood Teardrop Fringe and Chevron Border in Twilight. Chevron Border and Wood Bead Fringe in Sand.

Our Director of Design, Marisa Gutmacher, looked to the Indian Ocean archipelago for inspiration when developing the palette, pattern and materials for the new Seychelles collection. The  wood bead fringes and borders display a patterning reminiscent of the sea. Imagine its undulating waves and the impressions left behind in the sand.


Seen below is a glimpse into the studio where Marisa focused her efforts on developing the opaque satin glazed beads used in both the Wood Teardrop Fringe and the Wood Bead Fringe.

“The glazed beads evoke a sleek uniformity, which adds to their versatility. The teardrop and globe fringes will work with many kinds of patterns, fibers and constructions. From dressy to casual, and with a diverse color palette, this collection will accentuate a variety of interiors.”

— Marisa Gutmacher, Director of Design

Seychelles ColorworkA behind-the-scenes look at the development of Seychelles.


 The palette is broad and ranges from naturally influenced neutrals and deep mineral hues to a series of brights derived from topical vegetation. The designs are woven of cotton, a material indigenous to the island chain.

The collection pairs well with textured cotton and linens, as well as transitional  and contemporary patterns. The satin glazed beads complement drier silks, like Dupioni, beautifully.Seychelles Spring 2015 Collection from Samuel and Sons

 Above: Shades are trimmed in the Wood Bead Fringe in Sand, pillows in the Wood Bead Fringe in Twilight and the ottoman features a layered application, pairing the Chevron Border with the Wood Teardrop Fringe, both in Twilight.Seychelles Collection Spring 2015 from Samuel and Sons

Above: The drapery is trimmed in the Wood Teardrop Fringe in Caribe and the pillow in the Wood Bead Fringe in Chartruese.

The collection consists of two wood bead fringes, a 1/2″ gimp and 2″ border.

Seychelles Spring 2015 Collection by Samuel and Sons

Seychelles Wood Teardrop Fringe, Seychelles Wood Bead Fringe, Seychelles Chevron Gimp, Seychelles Chevron Border

Find all three of our new Spring 2015 collections on display now at your local showroom.

All fabrics featured in this post are by Jim Thompson Fabrics.

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