Jun 01, 2022

5 Questions with Mark D. Sikes

As one of the most sought-after American designers, Mark D. Sikes is no stranger to creating beauty wherever he goes, and his recently completed Villa Aralia at The Colony Palm Beach is no exception. Keep reading for a look inside this beautiful space and read Mark’s advice on incorporating trim into his hospitality projects.

Our Cambridge Strie Braid in Chalk White trims the pillows.


Samuel & Sons: What was your inspiration behind the Villa?
Mark D. Sikes: I've always loved blue and white stripes. As soon as I saw the striped awnings over the cafe at The Colony, I knew that it would be a great tie-in. The blue and white scheme felt like the perfect way to impart a welcoming and beachy feel to the villa while keeping the aesthetic classic and timeless. I wanted to make sure that guests felt completely relaxed; after all, they are on vacation! 

S&S: Your signature style is on full display throughout the space, how important do you think developing a distinct look is?
MDS: It's definitely different for every designer and I can only speak for myself. Developing a personal style is something that happens naturally. I've always had a very strong sense of my likes and dislikes, which has manifested in my design style. I'm so lucky to have clients and colleagues that have a similar idea of what's beautiful. 

Our Cambridge Collection in Chalk White trims the pillows and cushions.

S&S: We love the subtle use of tailored passementerie throughout the space. What role do you think trim plays in hospitality design?
MDS: Trim is a detail that adds so much to a space. For someone staying at a hotel, noticing this added layer of decoration makes them feel like they're somewhere special and that a lot of time and effort has gone into the space. 

Our Cambridge Strie Braid in Delphinium trims the bed draperies and roman shade. 

S&S: When working on a hospitality space, how does your approach to design differ?
MDS: It is very different! In my normal day-to-day, I'm working with clients that have specific wants and needs for their homes. In these residential projects, I'm striking a balance between my vision and that of the client. For Villa Aralia, I wanted it to feel very Palm Beach and fit into the look and feel of The Colony while showcasing my design point of view. 

S&S: What advice would you give to a designer using trim for the first time on a project?
MDS: My advice would be to gather physical samples of fabric and trim to make sure that they complement or contrast one another. I take all of my fabric samples to the Samuel & Sons showroom here in LA to match the perfect trims to them. With trim, I also like to use the same textures and materials throughout one room.

Our Cambridge Collection in Delphinium trims the draperies, chair, and pillow.

Photography by: Carmel Brantley

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