Apr 09, 2024

All About Semi Custom Details

We spoke with five designers whose visions go beyond what’s in stock. From custom colors to bespoke bullion, read on as they share their tips for dialing up design through Semi Custom details.


Mallory Mathison Inc.

"Details make all the difference in design. And, a one-of-a-kind colorway will always take bespoke to the next level. The opportunity to create beauty, interest and awe are endless with Semi Custom trimmings. The most creative and unexpected color combinations can be created to punctuate all aspects of a room from tape trim on curtains to a key tassel adorning an antique."


Mark and Mikal Eckström at Studio Eckström

"We use Samuel & Sons semi custom passementerie to elevate everyday furnishings into dramatic statements. Choosing the perfect color trim to complement our designs—from tapes on shades to chair tassels on seat cushions—is like an exclamation point in any room!


Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design

"We constantly find ourselves turning to Samuel & Sons’ Semi Custom program for the power to pull out two or three colors from a scheme, seamlessly matching our selections with a bespoke cord to adorn upholstery for that extra layer of detail that really elevates a space."



Young Huh Interior Design

"Custom trim adds a unique detail and an added layer of luxury to any furnishing. When we can’t find exactly what we need, the semi-custom program—where we can specify fiber and exact color combination—is a great option for us!"



Michael Simon Interiors

"Semi-custom trims are a wonderful option Samuel & Sons offers the design community. While the stock trim offerings are abundant there are times when the palettes don’t align perfectly with a designer’s scheme. In those instances, S&S has the perfect solution in giving designers the tools to adjust the color palette with skeins and fibers that allow for a custom fit. Whether ordering cords, braids, tassels, fringes, tie backs or rosettes, Samuel & Son has the solution."



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