Jan 13, 2021

Borders in Black and White

For dramatic details, turn to high-contrast geometric borders in black and white with textures and constructions that are innovative as they are eye-catching.




Labyrinth Border

Clean and graphic in its rendering, this tailored design reinterprets the geometry and proportions of the classic architectural mazes from Grecian antiquity through a series of raised satin stitches.





Equinox Embroidered Border

Embroidery on a linen ground, available in three colorways.





Hair On Hide Sequence Border

A chevron pattern made up of contrasting swatches of natural cowhide.





Scala Lasercut Border

An intertwined, curvilinear ribbon pattern constructed from embroidered faux leather.





Vela Lasercut Border

Intersecting diamonds are created through a series of cutting and folding techniques.





Moritz Velvet Border

A Neo-Classical pattern is portrayed in velvet applique and dense embroidery, achieving a trompe l'oeil velvet effect in its visual dimensionality.





Palladio Embroidered Border

Meticulously laser-cut wool appliquéd on a dry linen ground.





Aristotle Greek Key Border

A dimensional, jacquard border depicting a classical Greek key.





Quadratic Appliqué Border

Individual translucent acrylic foils are folded and yield components with various planes which are assembled into patterns and appliquéd onto twill borders.




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