Dec 14, 2021

Home for the Holidays with Bunny Williams

In the home of legendary American designer, Bunny Williams, there is no detail left unnoticed, or in this case, un-trimmed. We had the honor of speaking with Bunny about the process of designing her New York apartment, her favorite holiday tradition, and how trim transforms her work. 

Photography by Reid Rolls | Portrait by Sari Goodfriend


5 Questions with Bunny Williams:

Samuel & Sons: What would you say is your biggest inspiration or influence in design?

Bunny Williams: Inspiration can come from anywhere, which is why it’s so important to get out and see things. Some of the best inspiration comes from traveling: going to visit museums, historic buildings, or beautiful gardens. A detail that catches my eye on a trip might translate later into a floor, a wall treatment, or a color palette for a new room.

S&S: What is your approach to using trim in your work?

BW: For me, the most important thing is the finishing touches. This gives our work a couture feel. Whether it is the edge of a curtain, the gimp on a chair to cover the tacks, or tapes applied to lovely fabrics to create unique pillows. Lots of time is spent choosing the perfect trim, and it is great fun, too.

S&S:  How does designing for your own home differ from designing for a client?

BW: Before you start designing, you first have to really understand how someone is going to live in a space. Two people might use a living room in completely different ways, so the approach to designing for each client, and to designing for myself, is always tailored in a different way.  

Featuring our Cabana Ribbed Border in Firewood on the curtains.


S&S: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition at home?

BW: Decorating the tree and setting up our creche are two of my favorite Christmas traditions. Every year I put up the biggest tree I can find in the barn at our house in Connecticut which has 30-foot-tall ceilings. I’ve collected ornaments and creche figures for decades and unwrapping them every year always brings back special memories.   

S&S: What does the feeling of ‘home’ mean to you and how does that factor into your work?

BW: A house becomes a home when it is lived in. I always want my clients to feel comfortable and that they can really use each room. In the end, it is the clients that really bring a space to life and make it a home, and that is the most rewarding part of my work.

Bunny used our Positano Jumbo Brush Fringe in a custom color to trim the chair in her bedroom. 


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