Dec 22, 2021

Home for the Holidays with CeCe Barfield Thompson

 CeCe Barfield Thompson created the perfect escape from city life in her family's Gramercy Park apartment; a space that is both wonderfully layered and rich in color, with a distinct feeling of modernity. We had the pleasure of speaking with CeCe about the process of designing for herself, the meaning of home, and how she celebrates the holidays with her young children. 

Photography by Lesley Unruh | Featuring our Bali Cotton Jumbo Fringe


5 Questions with CeCe Barfield Thompson:

Samuel & Sons: What would you say is your biggest inspiration or influence in design?

CeCe Barfield Thompson: My biggest inspiration is New York City. I have lived here for many years and am captivated by the culture, the people, and the style. There is something beautiful everywhere you turn and it serves as a constant fuel to my work.

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S&S: What is your approach to using trim in your work?

CBT: I use trim as a way to frame textiles and define spaces. Trim details are also what make upholstery exquisite. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

S&S:  How does designing for your own home differ from designing for a client?

CBT: My apartment is my design laboratory - I experiment with silhouettes, materials combinations, and objects. The combinations reflect my tastes as well as my family’s needs. Ultimately, a well-designed home is a reflection of the people who live it. That is true for any project.

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S&S: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition at home?

CBT: My favorite holiday tradition is decorating gingerbread houses with my children. I love seeing their creativity and ideas take shape. Also, the houses make such adorable holiday decorations- they look so festive on my sideboard!

S&S: What does the feeling of ‘home’ mean to you and how does that factor into your work?

CBT: The feeling of “home” to me is a place where I can have a fabulous party for my friends and family, but also a place where I feel comfortable curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a book. Our home is the stage where we live out our lives and where some of our most important memories are made. I live by the mantra that nothing is too precious because homes are meant to be lived in and enjoyed. This means comfortable upholstery, durable materials, and thoughtful layouts that make everyday living easy and stress-free. 

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