Dec 20, 2021

Home for the Holidays with Mark D. Sikes

Mark D. Sikes gave us a peek inside of his Hollywood Hills Home which is filled with his signature blue & white and bursting with trim; equal parts classic and fresh. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark to discuss his ultimate inspiration, how he uses trim in his projects, and his favorite holiday tradition. Read on for more!

Photography by Amy Neunsinger | Featuring our La Terre Onion Tassel Fringe


5 Questions with Mark D. Sikes:

Samuel & Sons: What would you say is your biggest inspiration or influence in design?

Mark D. Sikes: Probably books and magazines. I grew up reading my mother's shelter and fashion magazines and have collected quite a few over the past 30 years. I often go back to them for inspiration.  

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S&S: What is your approach to using trim in your work?

MDS: Trims are a beautiful way of connecting the color palette throughout a room. Trims always give a project that sense of custom.

S&S:  How does designing for your own home differ from designing for a client?

MDS: For your own home you are really only considering yourself so it's a bit easier. And you have the benefit of time -- you can collect things and add and subtract over the years versus doing it all at once.

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S&S: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition at home?

MDS: We set our holiday table with my grandmother's antique silver and crystal and mix in blue and white china with red flowers as a centerpiece. I still love blue and white even at Christmas -- although I usually add in some red.  

S&S: What does the feeling of ‘home’ mean to you and how does that factor into your work?

MDS: For me, there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed after traveling. I love to create a sanctuary where I am truly comfortable. The same thing is true for our clients. I try to create beautiful spaces that are also comfortable and lived in. 

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