Dec 02, 2021

Home for the Holidays with Sheila Bridges

 Celebrated New York designer, Sheila Bridges, recently decorated her home in the Hudson Valley, creating a modern yet dimensional space that is both fresh and warm. We were lucky enough to speak with Sheila about her design inspirations, her philosophy on creating the feeling of home, and her favorite holiday tradition. 

Photography by Frank Frances


5 Questions with Sheila Bridges:

Samuel & Sons: What would you say is your biggest inspiration or influence in design?

Sheila Bridges: Travel and nature are two of the biggest sources of inspiration for my work.

S&S: What is your approach to using trim in your work?

SB: I love using trims-actually all passementerie in general but more specifically fringes, cord on tapes, and applique borders are a few of my favorites.

S&S:  How does designing for your own home differ from designing for a client?

SB: I get to experiment and have fun at home.  I can mix colors, textures, and patterns together and take risks that my clients probably wouldn’t.

S&S: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition at home?

SB: Yes - making mac and cheese for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. It’s my grandmother’s recipe and a favorite of friends and family.

S&S: What does the feeling of ‘home’ mean to you and how does that factor into your work?

SB: I grew up in Philadelphia in the same family home that my parents owned for more than 50 years. That experience of stability helped shape my idea of what 'home' is: a beautiful place that is warm and welcoming, where friends and family can gather comfortably together.

Sheila used our Uxmal Appliqué Border in Cochineal to trim her living room draperies. 


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