Jul 18, 2022

Inside the WOW!house

 At the WOW!house, London Design Centre’s first-ever designer showhouse, our trim was showcased like you’ve never seen before by some of the UK’s best designers. Keep reading for a look at the inspiring applications and hear from 3 designers about their process of creating these extraordinary spaces. 

Our Annecy Cord in Petal, Eggplant, & Kiwi trims the pillows.


"For the WOW!house in Chelsea Harbour, our Schumacher Garden Room is a celebration of tonal hues and juxtaposed materiality inspired by the natural world. With quilted walls and rich Venetian silk velvet curtains, we used the Samuel & Sons Sabine border trim to pick out the shape of the pelmets, as well as the Annecy cord trim on our custom satin cushions and the Aurelia cord and key tassels on a pair of bespoke moiré ottomans. The resulting room is at once relaxed, richly layered, and full of surprising details."

- Charlotte Rey & Duncan Campbell, Campbell-Rey

Our Sabine Border in Meadow trims the pelmet while our Aurelia Cord and Key Tassels in Loden trim the pouffe. 

Photography by James McDonald 

Our Aurelia Brush Fringe in Loden is used on the pillow while our French Grosgrain in Chocolate finishes the ottoman. 


"I made generous use of trimmings in this room to amplify the history and tradition that the fabrics evoke. The trimmings also work to highlight the edges of the strongly patterned fabrics and walls, which helps the many different patterns sit a bit more comfortably next to one another."

- Brandon Schubert

On the pillows are our Swiss Velvet Piping in Copper,  Paddington Wool Brush Fringe in King's Court,
and Aurelia Tassel Fringe in Sienna. 


“The Toscana leather key tassel stands the test of time, it is soft and tactile whilst being extremely durable. That’s why we love using them at Kit Kemp Design Studio, not only for residential projects but throughout Firmdale Hotels. A good interior is all about storytelling and these key tassels evoke a sense of mystery. What could be behind that locked door? What is inside that bolted trunk? We like to mix it up and use them as colour accents hanging merrily on each arm of our Min’s Tub chairs, as seen at Wow!house in the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.”

-Minnie Kemp, Kit Kemp Design Studio

On the chair is our Toscana Leather Key Tassel in Pumpkin.


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