Sep 16, 2020

Moody Blues

With autumn's arrival, we’re drawn to a moody, multi-tonal mix of indigo blues. It’s a hue that moves easily between tailored and casual comfort. Shop the scheme below to discover borders, cords and fringes in deep, saturated shades of Lake, Gulf, Ocean, Navy and Indigo.

Indigo blue borders and fringe from Samuel & Sons

1. Winton Cord with Tape  2. Carlton Appliqué Border  3. Collingsville Tassel Fringe  4. Seychelles Wood Bead Fringe  5. Avalon Chevron Border by Lori Weitzner  6. Ibiza Lace Braid by Lori Weitzner  7. Elliot Heathered Border  8. Saisons Brush Fringe  9.  Mackay Tweed Border


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