Jun 25, 2020


It’s the much-loved look that leaves plenty of room for customization—the leading-edge border application on drapery panels. We’ve turned to the experts, tapping both designers and workrooms for their personal Trimming Tips, assembling useful considerations when it comes to design and fabrication of drapery panels finished with a statement trim.

“When I’m using a wallpaper with a bold pattern, I often opt for a simpler drape. Adding a border to a leading edge allows me to tie the window treatments to other elements throughout the room without having to introduce another pattern.”

- Ashley Colombo

DESIGN Ashley Colombo Interiors
WORKROOM Material Effects
TRIM Mireille Embroidered Border

"Many factors come into play when we select tape trim for draperies. For instance, when pairing trim with a printed drapery fabric we choose a more simple, solid colored trim. However, we most often use solid draperies in our go-to fabrics, Belgian linen, silk taffeta and crisp cotton poplins, which allows for the tape trim to be the star of the show. Our criteria when selecting a bold tape trim is choosing a color that will tie the colors in the room together, add another layer of textural interest and create a pop of color visually."

-Christian Ladd

DESIGN Christian Ladd Interiors
TRIM China Cloud Embroidered Border by Roger Thomas
PHOTO JoAnna Robertson Photo

“A nice rule of thumb that I suggest when it comes to placement is to use the proportion of the trim as a guide. For instance, I like to inset the border by the full trim width or 1/2 of the trim width from the edge. From a design perspective, one of my favorite approaches is when a designer selects the border, then selects a fabric around the background color of the border giving the appearance that the trim is actually a part of the pattern.”

- Christina Price

WORKROOM Main Line Window Decor
DESIGN Megan Gorelick Interiors
TRIM Sankara Jute Border


TRIM Odori Embroidered Border

TRIM Quinn Quilted Border

TRIM Ellis Laser Cut Border

TRIM Brielle Embroidered Border

TRIM Ojos Appliqué Border

TRIM Ayr Boucle Border

TRIM Menagerie Border

TRIM Mireille Embroidered Border

TRIM Aubree Lace Border

TRIM Sloane Striped Border

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