Jan 03, 2020

Rouen Tassel Fringe

The addition of Rouen Tassel Fringe on a sofa, chair, ottoman or tableskirt promises to turn heads. It’s refined, elegant and at eight inches, this is a design detail that will command attention, elevating upholstery to an irrefutable focal point in any room. The Rouen Tassel Fringe is constructed of a header, followed by a series of interwoven rows of braids that converge to create a series of tightly spaced tassels. Colorways include a range of sophisticated neutrals (Tusk, Sandstone and Sable), shades suggestive of metallics (Topaz and Platinum), rich reds and pink (Sienna, Ruby and Magnolia) and representations of sea and sky (Tourmaline and Sprig). When in search of a statement, few fringes that can hold a candle to the impressive nature of Rouen. See how designers have utilized this show-stopping detail in homes throughout the world, inside an NYC boutique and a glamorous Palm Beach showhouse bedroom.

  A tufted floral ottoman skirted in peachy Rouen tassel fringe

A custom ottoman designed by Emily Ruddo, featuring 8" (20CM) Rouen Tassel Fringe in Magnolia.

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman's family in her living room

Entrepreneur Kimberly Schlegel Whitman's living room designed by Jan Showers, as photographed by David Tsay for the November/December issue of Veranda magazine. Styling by Jimmie Henslee.

A center table takes center stage in a dramatic green table skirt

A gorgeous skirted center table by Sarah Bartholemew, photographed by Melanie Acevedo.

A neutral living room with round accent chairs

A soothing sitting room designed by Santopietro Interiors as captured by Beckerman Photography.

A richly layered pink bedroom

Danielle Rollins designed this feminine bedroom for the 2019 Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House. Photograph by Brantley Photography.

The Carolina Herrera boutique features a round pink settee

The Carolina Herrera boutique, designed by Chiara de Rege. Photograph by Björn Wallander.


A close up shot of ruby colored Rouen Tassel Fringe 8" (20CM) Rouen Tassel Fringe in Ruby


Ready to add opulent detail to your next upholstery design?

Find a trade showroom near you to request samples of Rouen Tassel Fringe.

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