Oct 20, 2020

Sarah Flint x Samuel & Sons Limited Edition Capsule Collection

There’s an unmistakable authenticity in the work of Sarah Flint. Each shoe she designs has a genuine story to tell, evolving from experience and reverence for where she comes from, to the places she has been.

Our paths may have crossed long before this collaboration within the walls of her own home where fine fabric and trimmings were commonplace. Perhaps this is why the collaboration between the two brands—our first foray into the realm of fashion—seemed a natural pairing of kindred spirits. Her process, the journey of a collection or style, like ours, relies on tireless dedication to a generations-old craft and time-honored traditions.

To date, we've witnessed the debut of the Mackie x Gravati, a style inspired by Sarah's “impeccably stylish” grandmother, as well as the Perfect Pump 85 in Olive Twist Suede and Navy Rosette Suede.


Sarah Flint Perfect Pump


Perfect Pump 85, Olive Twist Suede and Navy Rosette Suede


Sarah Flint Perfect Pump with Samuel and Sons Rosette


Perfect Pump 85, Navy Rosette Suede featuring the Palais Cord and a custom rosette


Sarah Flint Perfect Pump Olive Twist


Perfect Pump 85, Olive Twist Suede featuring the Palais Cord


Sarah Flint Mackie x Gravti with Samuel and Sons trim


Mackie X Gravati, Navy Twist Crosta


Sarah Flint Mackie x Gravati with Samuel and Sons trim


Mackie X Gravati, Cognac Twista Crosta featuring our Annecy Gimp and Palais Cord


Additional styles are soon to come from this limited edition collection.
Follow Sarah Flint on Instagram and watch for their Tuesday debuts.


And not to be missed—featured on the “In Her Shoes” weekly series on sarahflint.com, an interview with our Executive Design Director Marisa Gutmacher sheds light on everything from her favorite trim to her favorite comfort food.

Samuel and Sons Marisa Gutmacher


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