Jan 25, 2016

Semi Custom Program

Samuel and Sons Semi Custom Program It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce a ground-breaking new program that has been years in the making. Our Semi Custom Program enables designers to create trimmings online, in real-time, using infinite color combinations in different fibers within a curated collection of patterns. With a cross-section of 54 patterns composed of cords, borders, tassels, fringes and embellishments, designers will have access to unlimited color combinations from a broad selection of yarns, creating their own interpretations of patterns. Semi Custom Trim Fiber Options

From left: Fibranne, Linen and Rayon.

Throughout the development of the Semi Custom Program, we’ve considered and addressed every possible concern, from product, price and minimums to delivery and color. We've anticipated your questions and expect that most will be answered in the list below followed by simple step-by-step instructions.

Semi Custom At A Glance

  • Choose from 54 patterns.
  • Each pattern is available in three fibers: Fibranne, Linen and Rayon.
  • Patterns include cords, borders, fringes, tassels and embellishments.
  • There is a $50 set-up charge per item.
  • Lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Pricing and delivery information is listed online.
  • The program is presented in two books, one containing all patterns and fibers, the other showing all colors available in each fiber. The books are not necessary to order, the entire process can be done online.
  • Pre-production Approval Forms will include a sample in the yarn fiber,  yarn reelings for each fiber in its exact color and a full-color rendering.
  • There is a two piece minimum on piece goods.
  • All orders must be paid in full up front, no returns.
Tassel Fringe by Samuel and Sons  


Follow the steps below to create your own Semi Custom trim design.

Visit samuelandsons.com/semicustom

Select a pattern and fiber.

Samuel and Sons Semi Custom

Select a yarn color per position.

Samuel and Sons Fringe Screenshot

Print a Tear Sheet and request a Pre-production Approval Form.

Samuel and Sons Semi Custom Fringe

Pricing and delivery information is listed online.

Once your design is complete, you may approve and submit your order online.


For questions, e-mail semicustom@samuelandsons.com or call 212.704.8000.

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