Oct 29, 2020

Semi Custom Stories: Huff-Dewberry, Inc.

Photo by Heidi Harris Photography


In pursuit of flawless coordination between textile and trim, Atlanta designers Heather Dewberry and Will Huff of Huff-Dewberry, Inc. turned to the Semi Custom Program to appoint an elegant entry for a fashion-forward client.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the project?

A: Our client formerly worked in the fashion industry and absolutely loves details and trim. Knowing that she could have a trim that was created just for her project was a huge selling point. Paired with the knowledge that the Semi Custom line is very reasonable and quick delivery, we had no question that we would use it.


Q: What made a Semi Custom trim the right fit for this application?

A: The trim is on a window treatment and pillows in the client’s foyer. The trim frames the window as you step off the elevator and gives an immediate wow factor to this gorgeous flat. The coloration was inspired by the vivid lampas fabric from Old World Weavers in aqua, yellow and green we were using on the settee pillows. There certainly wasn’t a trim that existed with all of those colors, so we were excited to create one.


Q: Was this your first time using the Semi Custom Program?

A: It was my first time using the online design trim tool, and I received help from my local showroom to walk me through it. It was really easy and we had a ball and a few laughs trying out a few permutations together. Once the custom card arrived in the mail with the thread colors we could see exactly which version was the best. We used the rayon construction because we liked the sheen level that it provided.


Q: In just a few words, how would you describe the Semi Custom Program?

A: Once the trim arrived, it was absolutely perfect. It was a very simple experience and our firm has been thrilled with all of our Semi Custom orders since.


Photo by Rustic White Interiors


Semi Custom Aurelia Tassel Fringe was used on the pillows and drapery panels.
Colors were selected to coordinate with a lampas fabric from Old World Weavers.


Photo by Heidi Harris Photography



The Semi Custom Program puts the power of trim design at your fingertips.

Choose your pattern, fiber and colors and receive a Sample Kit (seen below) complete with a color rendering and yarn reelings for your approval.

WATCH NOW — the simple three-step process of creating Semi Custom.


Many thanks to Heather and Will for sharing their story!

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