Jun 15, 2015

Spring Introductions: Palais Collection

Inspiration Image 17th Century France

Inspiration for the Palais Collection of Silk Trimmings

Years in the making, Palais honors the grandeur of Versailles and other chateaux of 17th century France. This exquisite collection of silk passementerie employs traditional documentary elements of various silk covered flowers, jasmine hangers, complex jacquard braids and luxurious hand-tied silk tassel fringes. Palais Collection by Samuel and Sons The sumptuous level of color in Palais is matched by its complexity and craftsmanship; the collection is comprised of 972 different color positions within 117 SKUs. Below is an example of how our Director of Design, Marisa Gutmacher, communicated color placement for each position per style, in this case the Scalloped Tassel Fringe.  Scallop Tassel Fringe by Samuel and Sons

In the studio, Marisa used watercolors to determine the balance and distribution of color placement as seen in the example below of the Silk Tieback with Jasmines.

Double Tassel Tieback Watercolor by Samuel and Sons The collection employs intricate elements, highly complex weave structures, and a mélange of deeply saturated hues built upon a foundation of 17th century documentary trimmings. You will notice multiple sizes of plaited cords on tape, a dimensional guipure coil jacquard border, lush scallop tassel fringe and cut fringe with hand crafted jasmines. Silk Tieback with Jasmines by Samuel and Sons

The leaves and petals on the Silk Tieback with Jasmines are individually wrapped with silk yarns, by hand. The jasmines, again constructed by hand, have flowers which are formed by outer guiperes and inner coils. There is a complex color rotation and intervals at which there are triple flower rosettes.

Double Tassel Tieback

The mold of the Double Tassel Tieback (above) is embellished with a crisscross of guipures and the skirt with hangers of tassels. The Silk Key Tassel (below) and Rosette mirror characteristics from both.

Palais Key Tassel Palais Collection by Samuel and Sons

Palais Silk Fringe with Jasmines

The Palais Collection consists of the 13 designs and 9 colorways. Contact your local showroom or Samuel & Sons representative to request samples.

Palais Silk Trimmings by Samuel and Sons

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