Jan 21, 2014

Spring Introductions: The Harbour Collection

Harbour Collection Sofa with Pillows   This spring we’re excited to introduce three innovative new collections:  Harbour, Cambridge Vol. II, and Twist & Knot. Harbour offers a collection of sea-inspired, natural linen trimmings, its palette informed by the beauty of the natural seascape. Quiet hues of Sand Dune, Flax and Sea Crest as well as nostalgic maritime colors, Sail, Navy and Lobster, are realized in linen fibers using nautical knotting techniques.  

The Harbour Collection in Process



Samuel & Sons’ design director Marisa Gutmacher offers insight into the creative process behind the Harbour collection…  
“My focus was primarily on exploring different kinds of knotting techniques and how to translate them into traditional trimming constructions like fringes, tassels, cords and braids. We trialed different size barrel knots until we achieved the right scale, weight and diameter for the fringe.  We experimented with different yarn coverings for the beads and multiple iterations of the bead spacing as well as the weave structure of the macrame braid that sits beneath.” 

Harbour Collection


Above: Pillows are trimmed with Harbour Barrel Knot Fringe, Harbour Serpentine Braid and Harbour Linen Brush Fringe. Sofa skirt trimmed with the Serpentine Braid and Harbour Crown Knot Frog.


Harbour Collection Holdback and Fringe


Above: The Drapery trim combines the Harbour Barrel Knot Fringe with the Harbour Serpentine Braid and the Harbour Beaded and Knotted Holdback. The lamp is trimmed with the Harbour Beaded Braid.


Below: The Harbour collection consists of the Harbour Beaded Braid, Harbour Beaded & Knotted Holdback, Harbour Serpentine Braid, 1/8" (4Mm) Harbour Cord With Tape, Harbour Linen Key Tassel, 3/8" (10Mm) Harbour Cord With Tape, Harbour Barrel Knot Fringe, Harbour Crown Knot Frog and the Harbour Linen Brush Fringe. All styles are available in nine colors.

Harbour Collection III


 Our next post will take a closer look at the new Cambridge Vol. II. Be sure you're following us on Instagram for even more behind-the-scenes photos from the Samuel & Sons' design studio.


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