Mar 04, 2020

Tailor Made: Creating Shapes Using Pleated Trim

In our latest episode of Tailor Made, we return to the workroom of Robin Feuer of RoseHyll Studio where she demonstrates the flexibility and the possibilities of creating shapes using pleated trim. In the video, Robin uses the Cabaret Pleated Metallic Gimp from Lori Weitzner's Encore collection to create a one-of-a-kind design on a custom cushion. The process, pinning followed by basting, then sewing the trim in place, is made simpler by the natural tendency of pleated trim to easily conform to the desired shape. Designs featured in this edition of Tailor Made include a unique centerpiece and corner treatment as well as a large-scale greek key formation. We're grateful for the opportunity to share Robin's approach to customization and hope that it inspires you to take your bespoke designs to a new level using pleated trimmings.

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Tailor Made video series featuring Robin Feuer of RoseHyll Studio in New Jersey.ABOUT ROBIN FEUER

Robin Feuer is the owner of RoseHyll Studio in New Jersey and is a third-generation designer whose talent, knowledge of traditional techniques and respect for the craft were inherited from her grandmother and mother, both accomplished seamstresses.
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