Mar 23, 2021

Terracotta Trimming

Once used in the creation of tiles, sculpture, even temples, terracotta—Italian for baked earth—brings to mind warm, earthen hues. We’ve selected a range of sun-warmed shades of reds, browns and oranges, reimagining a softer take on terracotta with a selection of trimming rendered in linen, leather, silk, sequins and ikat, even hair-on-hide.






Torero Beaded Fringe by Laura Kirar

From the Artesania X collection—oblong, hand-covered tonal beads are suspended from an embroidered header incorporating a rhythmic pattern of triangles depicted in metal yarns.






Carolina Ombré Tassel Fringe by Lori Weitzner

Distinctive shifts of color from light to dark are the highlight of this couture-inspired tassel fringe.




Toscana Leather Key Tassel

Crafted in fine Italian leather, the 4” key tassel is offered in an array of 15 colors from natural tones to vivid hues.







Hair-On-Hide Hexagon Border

From the Hair-On-Hide collection, the Hexagon Border is created using a compilation of trapezoid swatches that pair to form hexagons in tonal shades with natural strié accents.






Somerset Ikat Border

This Ikat border graphically depicts a series of multi-directional arrows in tonal shades.







Gresham Tweeded Border

A multi-colored border woven of cotton and linen yarns.







Tiverton Pleated Border 

From the Tiverton collection of classical passementerie, the multi-colored pleated border features picot edges.






Serpiente Border by Laura Kirar

From the Artesania X collection, this a wide-woven, double cloth ikat border was inspired by the undulating pattern on serpents.







Lancaster Cord with Tape

A multi-colored cord with tape.






Le Jardin Silk Tuft

Add details to upholstery and window treatments with delicate silk tufts, available in over 50 colors.







Normandy Key Tassel

From the luxurious Normandy collection of silk passementerie, the key tassel marries contemporary and traditional aesthetics.







Orsay Silk Diamond Braid

From a sophisticated collection of classical passementerie, the Orsay braid combines colors of sumptuous silk.






Astra Embroidered Border by Lori Weitzner

Astra is a glamorous tape featuring hand-sewn matte sequins using the age-old French Knot technique.



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