Oct 28, 2019

Textural Fibers Perfect for Autumn Interiors

Fall in love with Fall by bringing nuanced texture and color into interiors imbued with the richness of the season. Textural fibers such as wool, mohair, and velvet create warm and welcoming spaces that invite people to linger inside, out of the crisp Autumn air.

Wool Passementerie

Pleated wool borders in soft neutral colors. As the air cools and the Fall season unfolds, wool sweaters and coats are the first items many people reach for when they open their closets each Autumn. Why not bring this beautiful, natural fiber into your interiors? Wool trim instills spaces with the same warmth and textural ease it brings to apparel. Above, the Promenade Pleated Wool Border in Shell and Cafe, from the Encore collection by Lori Weitzner. Other wool passementerie range from the laser cut Botanico Appliqué Border, to solid tapes like our  Twill Wool Border. See all our wool trimming here.


A close up shot of a cream colored mohair border. While wool is a natural fiber derived from the shorn coats of a variety of mammals, mohair is specifically made from the hair of Angora goats. Soft, with a beautiful natural nubbiness, mohair is warm like wool and evokes a cozy and earthy aesthetic perfect for richly layered interiors that beckon you to curl up and stay a while. Shown above, the Capella Mohair Border in Ivory from the Savanna collection.


Three velvet borders with metallic beading embroidered in a vine motif. Ah, velvet. The sophisticated, opulent textile universally beloved for its irresistibly touchable hand. From solid tapes, to borders embellished by beads and embroidery, to geometric cut velvets, this material is endlessly versatile. Seen above, the 2" Amelie Beaded Vine Border in Sterling, Truffle, and Brass. See our full assortment of velvet trim here.

Other Rich Textures

No matter the fiber, its all in the mix: playing with layers and dimension can create the most luxurious interpretation of the warmth and richness this season inspires. Here are some further examples of compelling materials and colors in conversation with one another. Pink, gold, and dark green raw silk pillows edged with plush silk brush fringe.

Raw silk pillows edged with the plush Aria Silk Brush Fringe in Blush, Oro, and Emerald.

Leather tassel tiebacks in a range of neutral tones.

Toscana Leather Tassel Tiebacks shown on a soft chenille background. More leather trim here.

A living room vignette, showing textural wool and jute trimming on a settee. Shown above, a settee trimmed in the Ashmore Jute Border with a pillow edged in Cairns Brush Fringe, a linen and wool blend, both from the Savanna collection. Other materials within this textural line include chenille and a cotton tweed. Explore the rest of the Savanna collection here.

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