Jan 31, 2024

The Anatomy of a Tieback

Crafting ornate tassel tiebacks requires meticulous attention to detail and fine artistry that can only be accomplished by hand. Read on to discover the expert craftsmanship behind our two curtain tiebacks from Bagatelle by Timothy Corrigan.

Bagatelle Double Tassel Tieback in Gilded Gold

While tiebacks are considered just one of many details in interior design, they boast a wealth of intricacies within their construction. Although the end result looks effortless, each individual component that makes up the tieback is created by the hands of skilled artisans before coming together as a finished piece.

Bagatelle Double Tassel Tieback in Gardenia

For the Bagatelle Single and Double Tassel Tiebacks, this includes cording, wooden molds, silk ruche, and further embellishments. Even the simplest of cords are measured, looped, and knotted before being hand-wrapped around each individual mold or braided into decorative accents. 

To create the Single Tassel Tieback, each branch of the fine bullion skirt is twisted into place. While the skirt of the Double Tassel Tieback remains straight for later embellishments, each and every tassel in its skirt is tied by hand.


Bagatelle Single Tassel Tieback in Jonquil

Once each individial component is produced, the assembly begins by hand. Handcrafted wooden molds are threaded with a strong wire connecting them to each other and to the looped cords. The skirt is then wrapped around the bottom portion of the mold creating a seam which is then wrapped by hand with silk threads that become the striped velvet ruche.

Bagatelle Double Tassel Tieback in Bloom

These layers of ruche accent the seam between the skirt and the mold, as well as acting as an embellishment for the ornamental barrel knot on the Single Tassel Tieback. Lavish rows of straight and scalloped tassels are hand-tied to the Double Tassel Tieback's skirt, each with a ruche embellishment of their own. Braided cords are then overlaid onto each tieback mold for a final touch before being carefully inspected, packaged, and sent to your nearest Samuel & Sons showroom. 

"Tassel tiebacks are truly exquisite works of art, each with their own aesthetic and characteristics which can range from minimalist to ornate and everything in between. The most complex tiebacks can take a full day to assemble depending on their level of complexity." - Marisa Gutmacher, VP of Design at Samuel and Sons.




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