May 01, 2024

The Art of Layering

When one layer of trim just isn’t enough… Master the intricate art of layering with The Délicat Collection. We created complexity and sophistication with this small-scale collection of finely woven silks, exploring the versatility of each petite layer to create a whole new pattern.



Layering multiple trims together to make something new is one of our favorite ways to create bespoke details. On this pillow, for example, we used three layers of trim to achieve a whole new look. Two lines of the Délicat Silk Fan Edge are applied with the Silk Cord down the middle creating a surprising finish that wraps around the curved edges of the pillow.



Pairing the right trim to a print can make all of the difference. In this application, the Délicat Silk Tassel and Moss Fringe in Coral draw out a soft rouge tone from the Nobilis fabric. The continuation of color between the pillow trimmings and Délicat Silk Gimp on the upholstered bench creates a unified look.



More is more, and sometimes a trim is even better when mirrored down the center of a pillow, the back of a chair, or, in this case, the leading edge of a drape. To create the drapery detail, we centered rows of the Délicat Silk Fan Edge and Cut Fringe in Coral on a single strip of the Délicat Border in Navy (five layers in total), which complement the floral fabric by Nobilis.


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