Jan 31, 2024

What Designers Think About Tassel Fringe

A trend on the rise, six designers talked to us about the transformative power of tassel fringe. From benches to bedding, read on to find out how today's top designers use this delightful detail.


Maggie Dillon Interiors

"Be it on the leading edge of drapes or the bottom of Roman shades, tassel fringe is the perfect element to include for added depth and dimension. The texture it provides doesn't hurt, either. Don't be afraid to use it in less traditional applications such as the perimeter of a bench, the skirt of a sofa, the bottom of a lampshade; options are endless with tassels!"


Lonika Chande

"I love to use Samuel & Sons tassel fringes on bed coronas... I used the Orsay Silk Tassel Fringe on my own bed corona at home which I chose because the Spring Greens colourway complimented the fabrics so brilliantly. Like everything else Samuel & Sons does, the colour choices in this range are heaven, and there is a fringe to suit each and every scheme."



"Some might be surprised to hear that although I love lots of ornamentation, I like it in good measure. So when I use a tassel fringe, I like to do it on something that is limited in a room... And I think that that's what's so beautiful about trims and tassels and cords and all that is the ability to use them the way you use jewelry. They really are the jewelry of a room and design."


Caroline Gediere Design

"Nothing elevates a piece quite like a tassel fringe. Whether on drapery edges, along the bottom of a skirt of an oversized center table or a sofa, or dangling from the bottom of a fabric shade, it finishes with élan and lets you know this piece is special."




Alex Papachristidis Interiors

"Even though I am such a classicist, I love to use trim in a fresh way. I still love a gimp on a dining chair, a cord on a sofa, a tassel fringe on a table skirt, and a moss fringe on a pillow. For me, trim is a timeless finishing detail to a room."



Nina Campbell LTD.

"The classic is to add tassel fringe to a sumptuous pair of plain curtains. It adds luxury and sophistication to any leading edge. We also like to use it to introduce other colours into the scheme in a subtle way."




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