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Item: BR-59114-03 | Color: 03 CREAM

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Available: 96 yds (88 mtr)
More stock is on the way:
601 yds (550 mtr) due approx. Aug 08, 2024
Please note that inventory is not always exact. If you need more than, or close to the amount shown, please contact us to verify availability.


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BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON CABLE HOLDBACK - 03 bali-cotton-cable-holdback Item: HB-59139-03
BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON FAN EDGE - 03 bali-cotton-fan-edge Item: FR-59111-03
BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON TASSEL FRINGE - 03 bali-cotton-tassel-fringe Item: TF-59091-03
BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON BULLION FRINGE - 03 bali-cotton-bullion-fringe Item: BU-59133-03
BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON TUFT - 03 bali-cotton-tuft Item: RT-59142-03
BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON BRAID - 03 bali-cotton-braid Item: GB-59079-03
BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON GIMP - 03 bali-cotton-gimp Item: GB-59088-03
BRUSH FRINGE - AYANA BOUCLÉ BORDER - 03 ayana-boucle-border Item: BT-59149-03
BRUSH FRINGE - BALI COTTON BEADED FRINGE - 03 bali-cotton-beaded-fringe Item: TF-59082-03
BRUSH FRINGE - ALAYA JUTE BORDER - 03 alaya-jute-border Item: BT-59146-03

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