May 26, 2021

The Trueheart Hotel, a Labor of Love

When a property in the beloved town of Fredericksburg came available, Nick and Alice Adair saw an opportunity to pay tribute to their love of Texas Hill Country—a place Alice describes as fresh, floral and soft.

A true labor of love, the pair transformed a former inn into the boutique Trueheart Hotel, an idyllic destination that intertwines history with hospitality.



"I wanted The Trueheart Hotel to embody the freshness of the Texas Hill Country with the typical style people envision when they conjure up images of Texas."
- Alice Adair


/images/blog/3159/Trueheart Hotel, Samuel and Sons Fringe.jpg


Details are certain to catch (and impress) the well-trained designer eye, from luxury fabrics to fringes. Rooms were created with the help of a close family friend, San Antonio-based interior designer Tommy Hogan. Complementing the hotel's cheery color palettes and hand-painted door frames, our Seychelles Wood Teardrop Fringe can be seen trimming shades in several spaces.



"I grew up split between ranches in South Texas and our home in the Hill Country. The Hill Country to me reads fresh, floral and soft. While the ranch girl in me wanted to funk it up a bit with pop art & louder colors, Samuel & Sons fringe helped to add some edginess to my rooms by setting off my drapes and drawing the eye to different corners."

- Alice Adair











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Photography by Wendy Bowman

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