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Inspired by 18th century documentary trimmings, the Chevallerie collection portrays exquisite complexity and craftsmanship, successfully marrying European grandeur with a modern aesthetic.

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Artesania X

Artesania X is an eclectic collection of artisanal passementerie with pattern and color influences derived from Traditional Mexican handcraft.

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Everly is composed of three border patterns, each with a distinct aesthetic that is enhanced by their unique constructions.

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A classical collection of twisted ply cords, complemented by an intricately woven scalloped gimp and chair tassel in a comprehensive assortment of mélanged colors.

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Matelassé is an exquisite collection of refined geometric borders in which the pattern is rendered and loft is achieved through a combination of quilting and embroidery. Stylistically patterns vary in degree of complexity and hue from a quilted diamond to a graphic duotone interlinked hexagon. Quilting techniques employ a variety of complex stitches on fine-gauge ground cloths with a triple fill between its layers. Quilting produces a dimensional surface effect from which we are able to create pattern either through the line work of the stitches themselves or in the inverted unstitched areas of fully embroidered grounds. This collection of luxurious borders varies in width from 1.5” to 3.5”.

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Cirque is a delightful collection of multi-tonal pom-pom fringes, embroidered, appliquéd and hand-printed silk borders. Expanding upon the selection of pom-pom fringes in our Dolce collection, Cirque introduces twenty new multicolor tonal combinations. From the whimsical mixture of bright orange and magenta in Confetti to the fresh greens and aqua in Dragonfly, the Cirque pom-pom fringes will enhance children’s rooms of all ages around the globe. The softer side of this story can be seen in the nursery colors of Chalk, Petal and Bluette. We’ve also integrated 4 of the Dolce pom-poms into this collection: Whipped Cream, Piña Colada, Blueberry Pie and Fog available in two new pom-pom diameters: small ¾” poms and jumbo 1 ¾” poms. The collection’s pom-pom fringes are complemented by a series of borders utilizing advanced constructions: appliqué and laser-cut felt, hand-printed silk, and embroidery on linen.

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Lori Weitzner proudly presents the Couture Collection for Samuel & Sons, a sumptuous offering of decorative trimming inspired by contemporary couture. The story of the collection began with Lori’s visit to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum in Providence, Rhode Island, where Todd Oldham’s fashion exhibit captivated her with its bold color sense and over-the-top use of embroidery and beading. Back at the studio, inspiration grew to include the work of pioneering designers like Isabel Toledo, Issey Miyake, and Mary Katrantzou. The resulting collection reimagines specialized textile techniques like pleating, embroidery, and laser cutting with modern flair. Ombré, or a color shift from light to dark, is featured in many styles for dynamic appeal. This diverse collection includes six tapes, two cords, and seven coordinating brush fringes, tassel fringes and holdbacks.

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Hair On Hide

Samuel & Sons Hair on Hide borders are made of natural cowhide. It’s a luxurious, contemporary collection of borders in which geometric patterns are formed through an assemblage of refined fur swatches in rich natural colors on supple leather. Inherent variations in the hide’s natural texture, rich tonal hues, and hair length make each hide and consequent hair-on-hide border unique. Borders are made up of individual geometric swatches which when combined with their counterparts, form a larger pattern. The richness in this collection’s natural color palette is derived from the depth of saturation combined with the hides’ organic variations.

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