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Inspired by the terrain of the Australian Savanna, this collection is composed of textural passementerie created with mohair, chenille, jute and linen.

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Milano is a couture-inspired collection of both genuine leather and faux leather pipings and borders featuring innovative pairings of materials and constructions.

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Amalfi is a collection of jumbo cotton/linen tassel and brush fringes, borders and cords inspired by coastal living along the Mediterranean.

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Veronique focuses on traditional patterns of lush tassel fringe, embroidered borders and tiebacks in a soft mélange of hues.

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Inspired by 18th century documentary trimmings, the Chevallerie collection portrays exquisite complexity and craftsmanship, successfully marrying European grandeur with a modern aesthetic.

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Artesania X

Artesania X is an eclectic collection of artisanal passementerie with pattern and color influences derived from Traditional Mexican handcraft.

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Everly is composed of three border patterns, each with a distinct aesthetic that is enhanced by their unique constructions.

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A classical collection of twisted ply cords, complemented by an intricately woven scalloped gimp and chair tassel in a comprehensive assortment of mélanged colors.

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