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Antoinette is a curated collection of sumptuously embroidered floral linen borders. Reminiscent of 18th century French embroidery, this botanical pattern incorporates colorful garlands of flowers and leaves such as those that embellished regal apparel during Louis XV's reign.

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St. Moritz

An exquisite collection of sophisticated borders in which pattern is achieved through a combination of applique and embroidery.

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Inspired by garden and floral hues, Veranda is a collection of traditional linen passementerie.

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Lori Weitzner proudly presents the Encore Collection for Samuel & Sons, a contemporary interpretation of Weitzner’s first passementerie collection; composed of exquisitely sophisticated pleated borders.

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The opulent Aria Silk Brush is a dimensional 1" fringe which blooms into 180 degrees, composed of lustrous strié silk yarns. The higher density of this construction, mixed with the sumptuous character of silk, make this a lavish edge for any upholstered application. Multiple tonal shades are used within each colorway to create greater sophistication and depth of color saturation. The Aria palette consists of Oro, Vapor, Wedgewood, Blush, Emerald, Indigo, Ecru and Ruby.

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A luxurious collection of sleek chainette fringes inspired by the edging of traditional Mantón de Manila shawls worn by Flamenco dancers.

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Inspired by the terrain of the Australian Savanna, this collection is composed of textural passementerie created with mohair, chenille, jute and linen.

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Milano is a couture-inspired collection of both genuine leather and faux leather pipings and borders featuring innovative pairings of materials and constructions.

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Amalfi is a collection of jumbo cotton/linen tassel and brush fringes, borders and cords inspired by coastal living along the Mediterranean.

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Veronique focuses on traditional patterns of lush tassel fringe, embroidered borders and tiebacks in a soft mélange of hues.

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