Nov 20, 2019

Tailor Made: Layering With Trim

This episode of Tailor Made takes us inside the workroom of Robin Feuer of RoseHyll Studio where we witness firsthand the limitless potential of our French Grosgrain. Its four widths and countless colors make this flexible, versatile tape a go-to for nearly any application. As we’ve often said, it’s the addition of trim that transforms any design into something unique and truly custom. And the concept of layering puts the role of trim designer in your hands. You’re able to build upon a vision, combining colors, fibers and textures for a one-of-a-kind design. The crucial component in the process of bringing said vision to life is, of course, your drapery workroom. In the case of RoseHyll Studio and Robin Feuer, talent and family tradition is one and the same as both her mother and grandmother were accomplished seamstresses who’ve passed down their knowledge and artistry. We're grateful for the opportunity to share Robin's work as a testament to what is possible using our French Grosgrain. Click here to see more episodes from our Tailor Made video series.


Tailor Made video series featuring Robin Feuer of RoseHyll Studio in New Jersey.ABOUT ROBIN FEUER

Robin Feuer is the owner of RoseHyll Studio in New Jersey and is a third-generation designer whose talent, knowledge of traditional techniques and respect for the craft were inherited from her grandmother and mother, both accomplished seamstresses.

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